Kamila was born in a small Polish town in the south east corner of Poland called Sanok. That is where her love and passion for food started. Being born in a post war Poland she learned like most Polish cooks learned at the time, with little ingredients but a passion for food and culture. She grew up cooking for her younger brother and learning from her mother and aunt. When she reached her adult years, her curiosity in both food and the world grew. She managed to escape communist Poland and went to Italy where she worked as the front of house in an Italian restaurant learning as much about Italian cuisine and the Italian language as was possible for a a young Polish women in a country she did not speak the language. She managed to finally to make it to America where she attended culinary school and set off to start her dream. After owning a small deli in the Seattle Center Kamila opened her own restaurant Sebi’s Bistro. She has taken the Traditional Polish Cuisine she learned in the small Polish town, Sanok, and has brought it to a small corner in Seattle on Eastlake so that others can taste and truly enjoy her culture.